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The purpose of this privacy statement is to explain how SCS Accounting Solutions Limited (SCS) processes all personal data which is gathered in the course of its business. It is not intended to be client specific but to provide the framework against which SCS fulfils its data protection responsibilities. It also supplements the privacy notices that are issued to clients individually, normally at the first point of data collection.


SCS can be both a data controller and a data processor depending on the business relationship. Typically, when acting as a bookkeeper, accountant, tax agent and advisor to an individual, SCS is a data controller because it determines the purpose for which data is collected. In all cases, once personal data has been received it becomes the responsibility of the Privacy Manager (PM) to ensure that SCS processes it in accordance with the latest EU & UK data protection laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations 2003 (PECR).


Third Party Personal Data


If the business data supplied includes the personal data for people other than the immediate client, SCS will seek assurances from the client that they are transferring this information lawfully before we start to process it.


Why we process your personal data and against which lawful basis


SCS processes personal data for the specific purpose of fulfilling contractual obligations to clients, any related activity for which there is a legal obligation and when SCS believes it has a legitimate interest. The specific lawful basis for processing will be stipulated in the associated Terms of Engagement and/or the Privacy Notice that is provided. This will vary depending on the precise nature of the business relationship. In all cases SCS will respect its legal obligations that any personal data collected shall be:


  • Processed fairly, lawfully and transparently;
  • Collected for a specified, explicit and legitimate purposes;
  • Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary (and no more);
  • Accurate and, when necessary, updated;
  • Kept for no longer than is necessary; and
  • Processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security.


With whom we share your information


Depending on the nature of the business requirement, SCS will share personal data with some or all of the following agencies:


  • The Inland Revenue (HMRC);
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA);
  • Serious and Organised Crime Agency;
  • Companies House;
  • Police in the case of suspected Fraud; and
  • The Insolvency Service.


In the situation where a client has provided SCS access to a third-party on-line accountancy provider, for example QuickBooks/ Sage, to complete the work, SCS will inevitably process business data with that provider.


Where we process your data


Business data is processed at the SCS office in the UK and back-ups are processed and stored within the European Economic Area (EEA). With the exception of the case shown below, no data is processed outside the EEA.


In the situation where a client has provided SCS access to their on-line accountancy provider, SCS has no control where in the world the business data is being processed. Under these circumstances, SCS will obtain permission, and thereby consent, to utilise the client’s on-line account before any further processing takes place.


How long we retain your personal data for


SCS will retain documentation, some of which may include personal data, and records of account(s) but will do so only where a lawful basis exists and for no longer than is necessary. In general, SCS adheres to the following retention schedule:


  • Original documentation collected during the course of the task will be returned to the owner as soon as possible but in the case of personal tax returns, this will be after the delivery of the client submission;
  • Routine correspondence, other papers and emails between SCS and clients (including those that have just made enquiries or similar) will be stored for seven years;
  • Documentation SCS consider of continuing significance will be retained indefinitely where it is believed there is a legitimate interest and/or a legal obligation;
  • Any documentation can be held indefinitely where a client has specifically asked for it to be retained beyond the normal schedule, subject to mutual agreement; and
  • Working papers, copies of accounts and tax returns will be stored both physically and electronically for seven years.


What we do with your personal data at the end of our retention period


At the end of the retention schedule, SCS will either return, destroy or delete the business data, including any personal data therein. When it is technically impractical to delete personal data, it will be put beyond operational use and a record is made.


Updating personal data records


If it comes to light that the personal data held by SCS is either inaccurate or needs to be updated due to a client’s change in circumstances, once informed SCS will update these records within one calendar month.


Change of purpose of processing


If the purpose for which SCS has collected personal data changes, the client will be contacted. If necessary, a new Privacy Notice will be issued at that time. If the consent has been used as the lawful basis of processing, no further processing will take place until consent to the new purpose has been established.


What happens when a visitor contacts SCS using the details provided on this website


On the ‘Contact’ page of this website a ‘non-active’ contact email address for SCS has been provided. Anyone wishing to contact SCS by email will need to do so through their email service provider; this means that no details of the emails are stored on the website or by the website host. The email message will be sent to the SCS internal IT system and handled by SCS staff in accordance with this privacy statement.


What visitor information is collected by the website host


The website uses Google Analytics to track visitor interaction and records the visitor’s geographical location, the type and IP address of the device being used, the browser being used, and the operating system being used. The data is collected for statistical purposes and to identify the source of any malicious activity – at no time is the data used by us to identify a visitor.


Use of cookies

This website uses cookies developed and provided by Google Analytics. A first-time visitor to the website will be asked to provide consent to the use of cookies before proceeding to other pages on the website. A cookie is a text file sent to a visitor’s browser and stored there. This enables the web server to recognise that device when it’s used to revisit the website which in turn enhances the user experience.


Links to other websites

The website may, occasionally include links to other websites that are relevant to the business of SCS. If these are used, the visitor should be aware that SCS has no responsibility for the control, content or handling of personal data for the linked website.


Data subjects’ rights


Everyone covered by the GDPR has certain rights with regards to the way any business handles personal data. It should be noted that these are qualified in so much that they do not necessarily apply in all situations. For ease of visibility, the rights are listed directly below.


  • Right to be informed;
  • The right to access;
  • Right to rectification;
  • Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’);
  • Right to restrict processing;
  • Right to data portability;
  • Right to object; and
  • Rights related to automated decision making and profiling


In addition, a data subject has the right to lodge a complaint directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) without informing SCS.

How to raise concerns or make queries about the processing of personal data


If anyone has any concerns regarding the handling of their personal data or would like to exercise their rights, they should contact the Privacy Manager in the first instance using the contact details shown below:

SCS Accounting Solutions Limited
Unit 5 Broadway Barns
The Broadway
Scarning, NR19 2LQ
Tel: 01362 691275


More information on data protection matters


For more information on UK data protection matters, you may wish to visit the ICO website using


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